"Our two dogs ran away on Christmas Eve morning. We live in a rural area next to a state park-nothing but 40,000 acres of woods and country roads. We talked to Barbara at 10:00 pm Christmas night. The next morning we found them. They were exactly where she said they would be, with the people she said they would be with.  The details where uncanny. She truly did find the needle in the haystack, and gave us a Christmas miracle. Barbara is the real thing!"




                                                                                                Jack & Cindy Waldrip

"Thank you so much for your time, your talent, and your willingness to help.  You are blessed with such a wonderful gift for the animals and humans."     

                                                                                                  Diane-Newall, CA

"Thanks a lot ( my friend ) felt so much lighter in spirit after your talk."   

                                                                                       Leonie- Los Angeles, CA

"I am writing to thank you Barbara, for our talk on Thursday night. I have much more peace with the knowledge that my cat is happy and not hurting . . . Thank you again for your guidance. "   

                                                                                               Karen - Raleigh, NC

"God bless you for the service that you perform! "   

                                                                                               Rose - Fullerton, CA

"Everything went exactly as you said... Thank you so much for being there.  You ability to know and communicate with the animals is truly a gift, and in this case, a comfort ... "

                                                                                               Liz - Oceanside,  CA

"I listened to the taped session and it helps me through the hard times. "   

                                                                                       Luther - Los Angeles, CA

"I think it's wonderful!  You do have a gift with animals."

                                                                                                Rita - San Jose, CA

"My dog returned just as you said he would. Thank you!"

                                                                                          Barbara - Glenpool, OK

"Thanks again for being my connection with my cat."

                                                                                 Patty - Huntington Beach, CA

"Thanks for your help!"

                                                                                        Betsy -  Simpsonville, SC