I am Lisa, and Arrow was my beloved horse who Barbara Morrison writes about in two places in her book. Barbara's gifts as an animal psychic are astounding. She is a gifted and "real" clairvoyant, and she is profoundly adept at helping the animals and the people she communicates with. I called her for emergency help as my great horse lay dying. I was frantic for help and she was there with great compassion and gentleness, and helped Arrow and me through his final hours. She said he had a vertebrae which was snapped or broken, and he did...he couldn't get up and he was ready to pass on. I was heartbroken. Later last summer Barbara did a session for me. She indicated there was a new horse, young and chocolate brown with white on her legs, coming to me in the spring of 2001. She said this was a gentle horse and would raise her hoofs in greeting, and remind me of Arrow. Months later in a "chance" encounter with a Morgan horse breeder, I was introduced to the young mare with the white on her legs. She trotted over to the pasture fence and stopped and immediately raised her hoof in her sweet greeting. This is one example of Barbara's powerful psychic gifts. She is authentic, very humble and very totally sincere and for real. I highly recommend this book to everyone who wants to be gifted a glimpse into the animals psychic's world. I can say truly she made the worst heartbreak of my life bearable, and gave me strength to honor the horse that I loved so dearly. She gave me vision into Arrow's spirit and his presence after he left the 33 year old body he lived in. I can't say enough about Barbara Morrison or her book! Buy it, read it, and contact her for a session about you and your animals...you will not regret a moment of that experience, I promise!

                                                                               Lisa from Colorado

. . . "I Talk with the Animals" . . . What a wonderful book! Not only you show us in a very positive and simple way how animals communicate with people in various situations (at home, outdoors, when ill, when lost, when reincarnating, or when ready to pass on,), but you give us also the opportunity to be "beside you" during some of your consultations. What I've loved most from the messages sent by the animals is this beautiful complexity of personalities they all display, just as humans do. And the examples you've selected are so moving sometimes... Have I regrets ? In fact, yes, just one : to not know more about your guides and how you tune in the chosen animals via their persons. But the "how to(s)" are maybe the topic of your next book. So thank you, Barbara! Thank you very much to have shared this so beautifully with us. Thank you to make us better understand our magnificent surrounding animal-friends. And thank you to have shown us what the job of an animal psychic really is.

Jean-Luc from France

I have read this book that Barbara has written and have also had the opportunity to meet her and have her tell me about my animals both present and past. She did a fantastic job and is very in tune with the animal as well as the owner. I highly recommend this book to everyone who owns or has owned an animal. It is fantastic!!!!     

                                                                                       Jane from California