Channels of Communication - How things work . . .
People are curious about what it is that I am able to accomplish with their pets, and they are also uncertain of what "Animal Communication" is.  As a naturally gifted Animal Psychic I have the ability to connect with and to tap into the animal's spirit -  their inner consciousness if you will, bringing forth information and opening up channels / pathways by which we can communicate.  My skills rest in the fact that in opening up these channels of communication, problems and concerns are brought to light, helping both animal and owner to come to greater understandings of one another.

There are different means by which this channel may be opened.  Information acquired through on-line telephone conversation with an owner; a face-to-face meeting / consultation with the animal / owner; a picture of the animal in question; artifacts of the animal are all potential portals through which communication can be initiated.  These channels of communication are not limited to solely domesticates.  All animals have energies that can be tapped into and I have the skill to focus in on these energies.

What kind of animals can I work with?
At present my talents have been utilized in communications with both domesticates as well as with wild animal energies.  My work has also encompassed interactions between man and wild creatures in a variety of environments as well as in a variety of situations.