What is Animal Communication?

My skill allows me to find out and help animals and owners in a variety of areas.  Including identifying possible reasons for pet / animal . . .  

·  Behavioral problems 
·  Anxiety problems   
·  Find / Locate Lost Animals
·  Health problems
·  Talk to animals that have passed on
·  Uncover other emotional or behavioral issues for both animal and / owner 

Animals and their caretakers form strong emotional bonds that can often become stressed, strained or even severed.  My communication process begins with dialoguing with both the animal, as well as with owners, finding out what the root of the problem is from both perspectives.


In finding what the root of the problem is from their animal’s point of view, owners can then begin moving in the right direction to set a solution in motion. In sessions when an animal’s health is an issue, information may be gleaned from the sessions that may help a medical professional to focus and direct treatment in a more effective manner.


Grief is a consuming and draining emotion. There are owners who grieve after an animal’s death. This grief can sometimes last for months or even years, leaving them with an overwhelming sense of loss – guilt – emptiness. This grief often centers on issues, which owners sometimes can’t work through or resolve on their own.  By helping them to know what happened, where their animal is now, these feelings can be abated, allowing the owner to move on through the grieving process and have closure.


The long-term goal that I have is to help people to understand their animals “friendships” better. To help people open up communication channels with their animals. To give voice to animals, opening up pathways allowing for the integration of both the animal kingdom and human kingdom so that each may know the Oneness of the Universe...  Perhaps restoring balance through understanding.


I am dedicated and focused upon attaining for ALL, Peace on Earth and harmony to all kingdoms.