Barbara Morrison has always had a deep love for animals and nature.  Early on, while seeking out quiet places in nature, she began to watch and learn the behavioral patterns vibrating around her in both Plant and Animal Kingdoms.  From these early beginnings, Barbara understood the animals . . . She could see their thoughts, their joys, fears and sorrows. It was only a natural extension of this ability that she began to listen to the animals and soon they began to talk to her.

Combining energy balancing techniques with metaphysical training skills have helped her to gain clearer understanding of the universal laws of nature.  This understanding has in turn allowed her to comprehend how human emotions interact in our lives, the lives of other and the lives of the animals.

Often the behaviors and mannerisms of our animals confuse us. As owners, friends and companions, sometimes our concerns manifest themselves via outward expressions of limitations … confusion… frustration and all too often a general feeling of helplessness. Helplessness is not being able to understand the wants and / or needs of our animal friends. We seek comfort for them. We look out for their well being. If only “they” could talk to us, communicate to us their deepest needs, desires, wants or fears.

I may be able to help you bridge this communication gap. Having the natural ability as an Animal Psychic, I am able to communicate with the Animal Kingdom, and in so doing have been able to help owners to better understand and communicate with their animals.